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Dead Space Review – Great Atmosphere and Game Variety Provide the Model For Other Games to Follow

Dead Space

Score: 9.0

Systems: Xbox 360, PS3, PC

Genre: 3rd person survival horrorLength: 15 hoursDifficulty: 7Developer: EA Redwood ShoresPublisher: EA GamesRelease Date: 10/14/08


– Combat is very fun and good amount of gameplay variety- Lots of upgrades, gadgets- Great atmosphere, sound, graphics


– Environment not as interesting as utopian underwater world of Bioshock- Difficulty goes from super easy to darn hard at points

The games released in 2008 have been pretty weak thus far. The “big release” games, such as GTA4, MGS4, Mario Kart and Spore have done nothing for me. It seems we got spoiled with the great crop of games that were released in 2007, such as Bioshock, Portal, COD4, Half Life 2 Episode 2, Metroid Prime 3, and Super Mario Galaxy. Well, it seems the industry is following its usual trend of releasing all the great games in the last 2 months of the year. Clearly this is the only time people have disposable cash for great games, right?

Bioshock was one of the best games released last year. The incredibly detailed and creative underwater world and the great variety of gadgets, powers and the ominous Big Daddies combined to create a truly amazing gaming achievement. Like they say, imitation is the ultimate form of flattery. Dead Space emulates many of the Bioshock gaming mechanics in a new environment. It should not be surprising that Dead Space is a great game as well. Both games feature a self contained smallish, but interesting environment where some crazy genius is pulling the strings and making disgusting mutant enemies.

The game is set in a huge space ship. You are tasked to restart the ship’s tram, fix its navigation computers and a variety of other believable tasks. While it would nice to just walk around the ship performing your duties to get things running again, it wouldn’t make a very entertaining game. That’s where the crazy antagonist sets things up to make your life a living hell as he besets countless hordes of disgusting atrocities your way. Your job is to stop him from creating a master race of aliens.

One of the game’s innovations is its strategic dismemberment system. While the enemies are really cool, you can’t just gawk at them all day or you’ll get your ass handed to you. Enemies are virtually impossible to deal with by simply blasting away at them aimlessly. You also have a very limited ammo supply so you need to choose your shots wisely. By aiming at specific body parts rather than simply blasting away at them, you can take enemies down faster and conserve ammo. Some enemies also have inherent weaknesses that can be exposed by targeting them from behind or shooting bombs on them. The limited ability to slow time also makes it easier to target body parts. This system helps to distinguish the game from Bioshock. The game also remembers that you are an engineer and gives you tools of the trade rather than the typical space marine huge grunt weapons of mass destruction. It’s nice to see the game separate itself from other shooters.

The game provides a lot of powerups, but none really distinsguish themselves from the pack. You can make better guns to deal with hardier enemies. There are armor upgrades, but they serve to only increase the damage you can absorb. Your main power is the ability to slow down time and move some objects.

Missions provide a good deal of variety. All stages revolve around realistic tasks, such fixing various parts of the ship, rather than the typical shoot everything in sight, grab the blue key to open the blue door and progress to the next level. Some stages revolve around going into zero G environments as you float around searching for an exit and fighting the ever present monsters. These sections change up the action by forcing you to search for enemies that can come at you from all directions. There are also sections where you go into a vacuum and have a limited air supply, which results in a limited time frame to make it through to the next section. Other games with timed sequences can get frustrating if you die in the last 30 seconds of a 10 minute section, but Dead Space gets around these problems by keeping these timed sections limited to just 1-2 minutes.

At the end of major sections of the game you are encountered with some fun boss fights. These fights set themselves apart from the other sections with the creature’s unique abilities. As with most games, you just need to learn their weaknesses to defeat them. Several of these fights require you to use your powers in unique ways to defeat them.

There are a number of minor puzzles strewn throughout the game. None of it is very complicated, but the puzzles help to break up the pace of the game and keep it from devolving into a standard run and gun shooter. You can use the power to slow down time to effect your environment. The telekinetic powers also let you move objects to forge your path through the game.

The enemies that jump at from the dark recesses of space have variety as well. Some monsters will cling to walls and jump at you while rebounding to other walls. Other huge creatures are virtually unstoppable and can only be killed from behind. Some enemies are plants that spit smaller aliens at you while others explode into smaller creatures.

The dark and dank atmosphere emulates the Gears of War and Resident Evil games that really set the mood for the horror experience so well. Apparently they just don’t pay the light bills in these games. The game takes full advantage of the dark environments by having creatures jump out at you from every nook and cranny. The desperate mood is amplified with scarce ammo supplies. The developers went to great lengths to create a convincing environment, and they don’t let the game’s HUD ruin it. You will never venture into complicated menu systems to change powers or abilities because everything you need is displayed holographically on your 3D HUD, your suit or your gun.

Some problems I experienced were that there is no clear direction regarding what should be upgraded and would effective later in the game. While the environments and enemies are great, they do get a bit repetitive in the last third of the game. It’s always hard to keep the new experiences coming throughout an adventure. The difficulty level isn’t a smooth transition as you progress through the adventure. I had no challenge through the first 4 levels then I started getting my butt kicked pretty quickly as ammo and health pickups starting dwindling fast. Gamers should make sure to act like they are stocking up for the winter by holding back on using your equipment unless it is absolutely necessary.

Dead Space drips and oozes with atmosphere and has outstanding graphical effects. The sound quality is also superb. In the vacuum environments, the oxygen tank breathing becomes magnified and the screams of terror become muted. It’s these types of attention to detail that make the game continue to stand out.

Overall, Dead Space creates that rare feeling that I just didn’t want to put the game down and couldn’t wait to get home to play the game. It’s quite shocking that Electronic Arts, otherwise know as the former evil empire, developed this game. Over the past decade, EA has created sequel after sequel apparently so detracted from gamers to realize that we want something new and fun to play. Well, its recently lagging financial performance must have woken up the sleeping giant to create this new high quality IP with its innovative gameplay mechanics. Are you listening Activsion and Nintendo? It is still possible for large mass market companies to innovate and satisfy the hardcore gamers. You are on notice that we expect more from you. Heck, even EA can create something new, so I know you guys can do it.

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Mario Kart 7

Mario Kart 7 is essentially Mario Kart Wii without the bikes. Which is unfortunate, because I loved the bikes! However, it is a good game. It’s not hard to take an already good game and make it portable, but there isn’t a lot to offer when the series has already offered so much. This is not the problem though, since it doesn’t try very hard to offer anything new.

Single Player

Before we get into what’s new, let me rundown the game for you. It is essentially an arcade style racer. It always has been and from what it looks like it always will. The single player takes place on 8 different cups with 4 tracks on each. Half of the tracks are re-mastered tracks from the previous games and the other half is all new. You will race amongst 7 other racers in a competition to place first in each cup. Very simple.

You have access to 3 different speeds that determine difficulty and an additional un-lockable mirror version of the hardest difficulty. The formula is tried and tested, although it may feel a bit dated, there really isn’t any successful competition to Mario Kart. It hasn’t changed because it does what it does and it does it well.

The game is fun, you can pick it up for a quick 15 minute play and have a blast without investing hours of your time. However, if you are looking for a deep racer then this is not for you.


The gameplay is quite hectic, the way the game is structured is that no matter what position your in, you still have a chance to come first. This is because of the items you are given randomly in the race. The worse your position, the better the items. Again, that’s nothing new for MK veterans, and you will find that the new items aren’t game changers at all. So lets go over what is really new; gyro controls, fire flower, tanooki tail, gliding sections, underwater sections, coins and vehicle customisation.

The Gyro Controls are a novelty; similar to the Wii, except you use your entire 3DS as a steering wheel and your view switches to first person. It can be entertaining playing in this fashion, but it’s more or less for kicks.

The new items being the tanooki tail and fire flower aren’t particularly special. The tail allows you to spin attack nearby opponents and deflect items, where else the fire flower allows you to shoot fireballs for a limited amount of time. There is, however, another cool item, known as “7”. It gives you seven items at once that will circle your kart, which you can use at your leisure. It’s definitely a cool novelty, but that’s all it really is.

The gliding and underwater sections don’t provide any real change to the core gameplay of the game. I cannot put a finger on why, but the whole concept doesn’t feel new at all. It may that it was so seamlessly integrated that the experience is just that fluid, or it’s just a gimmick. Nonetheless, it’s still a nice feature to have.

Another new feature, for better or worse, is that coins are scattered around the track. Yes, veterans will remember there were coins Super Mario Kart for the SNES, but I can’t for the life of me remember what they do. In this game, however, they are used to unlock new vehicle parts and speed up your vehicle. Some may enjoy this, but I don’t care much for it. I preferred unlocking my items by achievements; now you are given a new part every time you collect 100+ coins (yes, you can’t chose what you unlock) and only characters are unlocked inside the GP. Making the GP kind of redundant as you can earn coins online. However, making you earn 20,000 coins to complete the game is just ridiculous for me.

This brings me to the next new feature, customising your vehicle. As I mentioned earlier, you unlock parts with coins. These parts are separated into 3 categories: the body, wheels and the glider. They all affect multiple stats, which allow you to mix and match to get the stats you want. This is a neat feature, but what it also doesn’t explain very well is that your character’s weight class also affects your vehicle; there are 17 characters that are separated into different weight classes. You can easily beat the single player section with whatever combination you want, but unfortunately not all stats are equal, so you may and will find yourself unlocking a lot of useless parts that you will never use until you get something you like.


This is where Mario Kart 7 shines, and where the series always have. You choose between battle or VS, you can play online or locally and you rack up VR points and Coins by playing multiplayer too!

If you ever wanted to know just how good you are at Mario Kart, online is the place to do it, and the replay becomes near endless because of this feature. Although you can’t add people you play with randomly, or talk to them (come on this is Nintendo, you should know they won’t allow that), it’s still fun leaving real people in the dirt, as they act very different to the AI.

If you want to get this game, you won’t be getting it for the GP, because online is where it’s at, and if you have friends to play with; even better. There’s nothing like kicking butt and getting competitive with people you know. There’s nothing new here, but there’s nothing missing either. If you enjoyed the experience on the Wii, you will enjoy it here too.

Closing Comments

There are a few features that may be worth going into detail about, but all of it is moot because you either love Mario Kart or you don’t. For those who haven’t played it before, start here, it is friendly and has a vibrant online community which you can play with anywhere and anytime.

It is a bundle of fun in a little card, where it’s biggest fault is that it doesn’t offer anything new.


Ever since he sprang nimbly inside the brain of game designer Shigeru Miyamoto, the mustachioed Nintendo mascot Mario has brought a busy way of life. But Mario first appeared not as the star in if you want his own games, but as the playable character in Donkey Kong, as well as wasn’t quite as sweet and friendly as he is today. Read on to learn more about Mario and how to play great free Mario games online!
M. Ough. S. C. L. E. were these little pink figures of an array of wacky wrestlers. There was basically a million different characters (but that could’ve been my childhood imagination running wild) but my family was not to wealthy turf would be could never afford almost any. Then M. U. S. Chemical. L. E. came to the NES therefore expected a slew of zany, entertaining pink wrestlers. Instead video game had weird looking mutants with no character simply no original comes.
Now, vital discover online jocuri cu mario in jungla within the net. If you’re looking for to play this game using the web, gather would require are a computer, a web connection utilizing a fast bandwidth and also will take pleasure in the game without interruption. If you likes to do so, go to the internet browser and simply click the Search engines website. You have to simply type Mario games which are free and the internet search engine will filter the outcome for as well as you would see numerous websites simply take offer Mario games for nothing. the online games will vary on various webpages and can select them determined by your ambition.
From way back in Ancient Egypt comes the Cleopatra costume for girls that is turning in order to be a trendy girl costume idea. Walk like an Egyptian in this particular pretty Queen of the Nile hide. This famous queen ruled Egypt centuries ago and now she is prepared to party this Halloween parties. You will find an Egyptian style costume dress that rrncludes a gold and blue tone. There is a belt attached together with cape which isn’t blue as well as also get wrist cuffs to decorate this costume for halloween. The cutest part may be the gold colored headpiece that her appear as the exotic and beautiful Cleopatra. Girls sizes 4-6, 7-10 and 12-14 can wear this disguise and head out for some trick or treat involved.
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Moving Along With Nintendo DS

It’s a sunny day, or not, but you still have to go out and run your errands. Still, you just can’t leave your games alone-it’ll be tragic if you come home and realize your little brother has shown up to lay claim on the couch for a little Madden.

Perhaps it’s time to let others hold onto the Xbox or PS3 for a while. Let your Dad play tennis on Wii, or let your Mom practice her yoga on Wii Fit. If you’re going out of the house, just remember that you can put your Nintendo DS in your pocket.

There are so many games out on Nintendo DS right now. While it’ll never be as graphically intense as the games on PS3 or Xbox, Nintendo DS still has its own charm. You can try getting into the cutie Harvest Moon DS game. Or you can try to defend your way through Phoenix Wright: Ace Attorney. You might want something a little classic, and think that Mario and Luigi: Partners in Time may be more of your thing. These games are sure to take up some of your time without tying you to your house.

In fact, one of the great things about Nintendo DS is that it has built in Wi-Fi, which lets you connect to other players. You can have an impulsive Bleach fighting game with the kid next to you on the bus. It’s a great way to meet new friends, without you having to go through all the work of thinking up great opening lines.

So get moving. You’ll find that it’s a big world out there, but easier to navigate now that you have your DS.

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